Live Blog: Biden and Ryan Square Off in Vice-Presidential Debate
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Live Blog: Biden and Ryan Square Off in Vice-Presidential Debate

It's rare that a vice presidential debate can swing an election, but following GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's drubbing of President Barack Obama in Denver, Democrats are hoping Vice President Joe Biden can get them back on the right track.

Biden takes on the fresh faced GOP VP nominee, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, in a town hall format contest moderated by ABC News' Martha Raddatz. Biden, a skilled debater from a number of presidential primaries and 2008's match against Sarah Palin, will bring a folksy contrast to the fresh-faced energy of Ryan, a 42-year old fiscal conservative who is seen as the ideological and intellectual leader of his party's congressional faction.

Romney/Ryan have seen a surge in the polls since the former Mass. Governor put in a sterling performance last week; while the Obama campaign has accused him of moderating his positions for a national audience, he was deemed the winner thanks to an aggressive attack, coupled with an unexpected reticence from the president.

Biden is known for playing loose with public speaking rules; he often connects viscerally with an audience, but is prone to making gaffes and silly statements, as well. Ryan is less nationally known as an orator, but gave a full throated attack on Obama/Biden's policies during his RNC speech in August.

Will experience trump youth, or will a new generation's star take hold? Join now The Hollywood Reporter contributing editor Tina Daunt as we live blog this crucial moment in the 2012 Presidential Election. (Additional coverage from The Boston Globe.)

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